Apes on Dragons [AOD] (SOLD OUT)

Pixelated NFT collection of only 1444 Apes on Dragons flying through metaverse of Solana having fun!

Female Apes on Dragons (SOLD OUT)

2nd AoD Edition which was airdropped to AOD Holders, 

Launched on December 23rd. Limited to 1444.



After the high success of our original AoD collection, we’re proud to introduce Female Apes on Dragons, our second collection. You will need to hold both a male and a female AoD to be able to breed our third upcoming collection: Baby Apes on Baby Dragons!

We got some awesome looking animated Female AoD NFTs in our collections!

Show off your AoD in your home by printing it! Email or DM us to receive a 300DPI file of your AoD for printing. It’s a great way to decorate your room with your favorite NFT and show your friends and family that you are part of our amazing community!



Apes on Dragons (AoD) is an algorithmically generated NFT Collection with over 120 traits, colours and backgrounds. Sowing Apes riding on dragons.

Some of our members say it reminds them of Son Goku and Dragonball, the best series of all time! 

You dare to ask that question? Better run now.

Anyways, let us explain;

Everyone likes apes NFTs.
Everyone likes dragon NFTs.
Everyone likes pixelated NFTs.

So we decided to make a collection that would combine the three!

Besides we fully believe in this project as we already have a cool and active community! We devs are hard at work developing this project, and we believe that the value of these NFTs is going to increase sooner or later, benefiting all AoD holders.

Both of our collections were minted and sold out. If you own both a male and female AoD, they will be able to breed and have their Baby Ape on Baby Dragon (our third upcoming collection which won’t be minted)

Let’s be honest right here now: It’s beautiful art speaks for itself. Does Mona Lisa or La nuit étoilée have a special use case? No, they just are unique arts from some famous artist. And now we’re here, in the world of digital arts, and it’s just the beginning. Be a part of something unique! But if you are into Utilities we have them too. Unlisted AoDs generate $AoD daily, which will be crucial to our upcoming breeding system between males and females. More details on that soon!

If you own an Apes on Dragons NFT you got the full rights. You can sell the picture or the NFT. You can print it on your shirt or whatever you want.

Our loyal members are already benefiting from this project. With the upcoming Baby Apes on Baby Dragons we are building an ecosystem which will allow this project to develop automatically. In the long run, upon being very successful with this project, we believe that the value of our collection will increase organically. We have a great discord community, full of loyal members. Come chat with us! Join Discord

We are listed on Magic Eden.

Buy from our original male collection here: MagicEden

Female Collection: MagicEden

Our members will be able to use their $AoD to breed a male and a female to have their Baby Apes on Baby Dragons! After, the fun is not over, more announcements to come about the future of AoD. Join us on discord and follow us on twitter to stay updated on future announcements.



Develop & Travel
High speed worker


Manage & Chill

24h worker


Artist & Creative

Knows every pixel

Discord DAO Update

Decide upon the future of this project with DAO and start implementing them one by one. Reviewing feedbacks, updating the roadmap and socials.

Utility and Breeding
Utility Token

$AoD Token will be created and distributed to holders weekly, then it will be used to breed the Upcoming 3rd Collection, Baby Apes on Baby Dragons!

Collaboration with Community

We wanted this 3rd Collection to be your baby, so we will take your ideas on Discord and implement them to the final design. Your favorite shows, movies, anime series and much more!  Make up your own trait, show your creativity!

New Launch
Baby Apes on Baby Dragons Launch

You have to burn 1 Male + 1 Female AOD + Spend 2 $AoD Token to be able to breed a Baby. We are not minting or giving away this one. Animated and Legendary burns will be equal to that rarity in Babies. If you are burning regular Apes we will add their rarity and divide by two, and if it's above 250 you will get a similar rarity.

Ex: Rarity 280 Male + 50 Female = 320:2= 160. You will get rank 160 baby or similar. Below 250 will be randomized. 

Investments and Marketing
The Ecosystem

We are focused on building an ecosystem between all of our collections. Which means an activity on any collection will affect the others. Since many Male and Female apes will be burned for breeding their listings and overall collection will be lowered, which means increase in price. Only the best ones survive, maybe not even them. Meanwhile Babies will be harder to breed and whales will almost single-handedly control the market. Every Collection will rise in value overtime as sales happen. This Ecosystem will carry this project for years and years to come!

Floor Swiping & Promotions

10% of all the projects income will be given to marketing from various mediums.

%10 of all the projects income will be invested for further developing such as staking.

50% of all royalties are used to swipe the floor.

Same as we did on AOD, these decisions are also made with DAO.

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